Welcome to my website, my name is Josh and i am a video game collector and researcher from the UK

  • i mostly research the development of the Nintendo 64 Game "Super Mario 64"
  • i also am a video game collector (images comming soon!)
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  • NOTE these were ripped from VHS so quality might be lacking
  • Questions and Answers

  • Q: Where did you get all of this?
  • A: Mostly from freinds who had close ties to the game, one of them being a playtester for the game in its early days
  • Early-Mid 1995

    Here we can see mario in an early mountain-type stage which was from my understanding scrapped

    An early version of the castle or possibly another floor of the castle?

    A pretty nice looking snow stage probably an early version of snowman's land

    A blue lava stage sadly this was scrapped but it looked so damn cool

    Mid-Late 1995?

    An early version of the Bob-omb battlefield painting

    Mario looking at 2 Thwomps

    A seemingly very early Snow Stage

    Shoshinkai Show! Late 1995

    A very early version of cool cool mountain it looks pretty boring from the images i have seen

    A semi complete version of castle grounds, i like the clock thing and those windows

    Mario got sqashed, that probably would hurt

    A pretty complete version of Dire Dire Docks the music was so calming in the beta im not sure why they changed it even though it was better

    Well its the courtyard with a different wall texture, nothing more nothing less

    Unknown Late 1995 Build

    A much more complete version of the castle but with orange walls

    A similar Whomps Fortress to the Shoshinkai Show one except with the fences gone

    Mario on a pole, also we can see the metalic fence right next to him which looks pretty much identical to the final one

    Mid 1996

    An earlier version of the title screen which was single colored i kinda like this more than the final one

    I still dont understand why there was a spike at the top but it looked kinda cool

    A more square Pyramid top

    So the castle was basically the same except the stairs were originally steps

    A weird looking version of the floor in bowser in the dark world


    Last Update: September 24th 2007